Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ten CCs of chocolate chip cookies, stat.

I just spent all day buried in data... and in the end I made ONE usable graph. In eight hours. FML. Seriously. I think I need a rootbeer float just to remind myself that there is something to live for. On the plus side, there is another manuscript that I might be first author of. On the downside, I think that if I have to read it one more time I might throw up all over my office, which would not be good for anyone. I'm putting it away and going home. We'll talk about this tomorrow, paper! You hear me? This isn't over. (I like to threaten my papers. It keeps them in line.) Want to hear about how behind the times I am? This month I am doing two things for the first time: a) learning to drive, and b) listening to podcasts. I haven't succumbed to twitter yet. But seriously, am I 70 years old or something? "Oooh, podcasts! Fun!" like they're new or something. "Well, I'm 27 now, I suppose I should do what high school students normally learn to do and go drive." I just never had to learn. It's embarrassing. Even more embarrassing will be when I drive into a telephone pole or a pedestrian. It's great too -- my first lesson is just far enough away that I can spend a week and a half working myself up into a nervous frenzy about it. I'm sure that'll really help. Well, anyway. You win some, you lose some. But speaking of winning some: my boyfriend is now embroidering. Yes, you read that correctly. The other day we sat on the couch and watched TV, and I was knitting, and he was embroidering a little bee onto a piece of fabric for an art piece. It was pretty cute. These are the times when I realize that somehow, against all odds, I managed to find a good one. Maybe I'll bake him some cookies tonight. On that note, it's out into the rain again.

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