Sunday, May 17, 2009

Vendetta Gloves in the works

I have two new patterns I've been working on lately. One is knit in Cascade Fixation sock yarn in eggplant -- I like this yarn so far. It's got a really nice shine to it. I'm not sure if I'm going to submit this pattern anywhere once it's done, so I'm going to have to keep you in the dark for now on the details. Anyway this pattern has gone through about 18 different versions already, so even if I put up a picture, it would be irrelevant in about 24 hours anyway, once I've changed my mind for the thousandth time. I took pictures a while back but I think the pattern is totally different now than when I started. Is it even the same pattern at that point? At what point have you basically scrapped your original idea, and when does it become a completely a new thing?
The second pair is a men's fingerless glove (or I guess you could call them gauntlets, but if I called them that, probably a lot of guys would be like, "you're making me a what, now?"... or who knows, maybe they would be like, "gauntlets! I don't know what that is but it sounds awesome! Is that something ninjas wear?!") Anyhow, like many people, I was struck by some of the knitwear in Sweeney Todd when I watched it, and I got a good closeup screenshot of Sweeney's fingerless gloves. After testing a lot of stitch patterns I decided that I didn't really care about duplicating the stitch exactly. I was really interested in the diagonal bias in the sitch, rather than the exact stitch itself. So I'm playing up the diagonal lines by making the gloves in a rib, and having it merge to form a V at the sides. I'm calling these "Vendetta gloves", and I think I'm going to write up a pattern for his and hers versions of it. Hopefully these will be available on Ravelry in the next few weeks! P.S. on the gauntlets: Nevermind that I'm working with DPN's that are entirely too long! It's a little ridiculous, but I can't help it. My grandmother gave me most of her old knitting needles, including a ton of aluminum DPNs in really great colors, and I use them even when they are totally unwieldy, just because I love them so much. Thanks, Babci!

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