Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm bad at this game.

This whole, keeping up with your blog thing. Already. I kind of thought it would take a few months before I got lazy, but I even out-lazied myself this time. I have had a cold for a week straight. Actually, correction: I have had two colds for a week straight. My boss had cold in her throat from her family in North Carolina, and Alex had a head cold from his family in upstate New York, and I think what happened was that the two cold viruses both ended up in my body and mated to form some kind of supervirus. I spent thursday coughing, then friday I felt better so I went to an opening and got drunk at a bar later (mistake), then spent saturday feeling ok but kind of tired and achy. Then Sunday through Monday it was back to coughing and sore throat, and then for the rest of the week I couldn't breathe through my nose for more than a half hour at a time, and I had a headache that no amount of over the counter medication seemed to fix. However, I did discover that I have not been keeping up with tissue technology, because not only can you get tissues with lotion now, you can get tissues infused with Vicks Vaporub. Yes of course I bought them. I also bought some medicinal tea called "breathe easy" which was really helpful. In sum, I hate being sick. I have not been very good company for anyone this week. In fact, I have pretty much complained nonstop, whenever I'm not busy swallowing pills, drinking herbal tea, or blowing my nose with fancy lotion tissues. Please pray, for my boyfriend's sake, that I will get better soon.

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