Monday, January 19, 2009

Worse than I remembered

I think it's funny that my last post was a year ago, and in it I mentioned how bad I am at blogging. Ha! No kidding! My main problem is how many different sites I'm now required to update on a regular basis.... I gave up on MySpace. Not really awesome at updating Facebook either. I joined LinkedIn but I'm still not really sure how to use it. There's a new site called that's a social networking site for scientists and educators in the Boston area. I just joined, but already I don't really have time to do much with it. My photos go on Flickr, and I usually do manage to keep up with that. I had another blog somewhere else that I used to update more, but that sort of fell by the wayside also. And then in addition to that there is a knitting website called Ravelry that I like a whole lot, but also requires updating with pictures and whatnot. Fortunately that one integrates pretty seamlessly with Flickr so I actually use it more regularly. Then I have three email accounts: work, school, and junk addresses that need checking. Seriously it's just too much. But I'm going to update this one so that I DON'T have to update the others. We'll see if it works! But man, I don't know how people have time to blog and network all the time because for me it just gets ridiculous. Am I really that busy? I can't be....

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