Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What else can I put buttons on?

New favorite animated series: Afro Samurai. I just netflixed it, and seriously, just imagine 300 as an animated movie with samurais instead of Spartans, cross that with blaxploitation films and Quentin Tarantino, and add a dash of Samuel L Jackson kicking ass yet again. It really does not get any better than that. Go add it to your queue. Now. I'm seamed the pea pod sweater together and added some super cute buttons and I'm good to go for this baby shower. I'll post pictures soon. It was my first trip to Windsor Button, and it did not disappoint. Seriously, could purchasing buttons get any more efficient? I really don't think it could. Me: I want some wooden buttons for this sweater. [I produce sweater from my bag.] Windsor Button guy, standing in front of a huge wall of drawers filled with buttons: OK [turns around for half a second and comes up with great wooden buttons] How about these? Me: Those are nice. Do you have them in a lighter color wood? WB guy: [turns around for another half a second] Yes. Here you go. Me: Awesome. How much are they? WB guy: $2.09 each. Me: That's kind of a lot... Do you have some that look like these but are cheaper? WB guy: If you don't mind plastic instead of real wood. Me: Ok let's have a look. Wb guy: [turns around for another half second and appears with perfect buttons that look just like wood but are one third of the price] I actually like those better than the wooden ones, personally. They're shinier and you can use either side. Me: Yes! I'll take them! It took about 1 minute to get this whole thing accomplished and I didn't have to stand there in front of a display of buttons pondering which ones would be best. I have a couple other projects that will require buttons, and I'll definitely be doing it the same way. Who knew it could be so pleasant? I'm also working on a deconstructed hoodie made out of some cheap acrylic. The hood is taking for freaking ever to finish. I had no idea the hood would take longer than a whole sleeve, but it's true. And I ordered a new computer (MacBook. Drool!) so I'm spending my days obsessively tracking the package on the FedEx website. When it gets here I think I'm just going to hug it for a while before I even turn it on. You have to start these things out on the right foot, after all.

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