Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Note to self...

Mercerized cotton + aluminum needles + bumpy bus rides = suzy yelling obscenities in front of strangers. Please, suzy, switch to bamboo immediately, even though they're expensive and you'll complain about it. My grandmother kindly gave me a huge supply of knitting needles a couple years ago. I have every size, just about, and most of them are really pretty colors of shiny aluminum. Of course I choose these needles based on the pretty color, rather than their appropriateness for the setting or project. That is, until I feel like my stitches are careening off the tips without warning and the people around me are wondering if I have some kind of psychological disorder. Instead I brought the pea pod hat on the bus today, which was better. But dpn's + my messy bookbag = also another bad combo. So knitting needle shopping I must go. This drop stitch tank is really a perfect commute project because the stich pattern is so easy and there's almost no measuring needed -- just two rectangles. I love finishing things on my commute because it seems almost magical when they are suddenly complete.

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