Thursday, March 25, 2010

More kitty updates...

The kitties had their first night out in the apartment together last night, completely unexpectedly. Last night Alex got home from being out and the bathroom door was open with Anni nowhere to be found! When I got home from work soon after we looked in every possible place and finally found her behind the couch, behind some picture frames -- an excellent hiding spot. We’re not sure how she got out of the bathroom. It’s possible Banjo was the one to open the door. But Banjo was ignoring her completely by then and just begging me for dinner as usual, so we figured it would be better to just let her come out on her own rather than trying to get her out. Who knows how long she had been out already anyway! I put some tuna near the edge of the couch, which she ate after a while, and she stayed behind the couch all evening. Right before we were about to go to bed she decided to come out though, and she hasn’t hid again since!
She and Banjo are doing really well -- they chased each other around a lot last night and wrestled a bit but weren’t mean to each other. No hisses or growls, just the occasional puffy tail, and one of them would walk away when they got tired of it. Sometimes they’d just sit and stare at each other for a while, or Anni would flop on the rug and Banjo would sit nearby. We went to bed assuming that we would be awoken by any major drama, but there was only periodic running around. So we’re just going to let them be, since it doesn’t look like they’re going to fight and apparently they’re busy engineering daring escapes from the bathroom anyway, despite our best attempts to contain them.
This morning Banjo was fast asleep in bed with us, Anni came over to say hi when I got up and was looking out the windows later while we ate breakfast (not sure where she slept, maybe the bathroom), and both of them had eaten a lot of their food. I guess they worked up an appetite! They still seem a little nervous when the other one comes up to sniff, but as long as there’s no outright aggression I guess that’s fine. So much for a carefully planned introduction though! I guess they made the decision for me about when they were ready.
Here's a couple photos of them from this morning.

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