Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring cleaning

Alex and I completely reorganized our whole apartment.... This involved basically tearing the whole thing apart and putting it back together. It started with us complaining about all the crap that's just in the way, and ended with all of the furniture being moved, bags and bags of recycling being taken out, and the entire layout being changed. Later on in the evening, it also involved a trip to our local convenience store, where we purchased a case of bud light and a pint of chocolate fudge brownie fro-yo (possibly our classiest purchase ever). But now the clutter is gone. It's a big relief. I'm hoping this will renew my optimism and motivation to get all my other work done. A little change of scenery (subtle as it may be) can only be a good thing when I feel like otherwise my work life has become a pretty monotonous chore. It's not, really, but it feels that way. There is not nearly enough time to do all the other non-work things that I have been meaning to get done for ages. I cannot wait to be done TAing. This is my last TAing gig possibly ever, and it will be done next week. The sad part is that I do like teaching but I just don't have time to worry or care about it right now. One day I will (both worry and care). It is 89 degrees out. The trees are blooming. I just saw a huge redtailed hawk swoop down out of nowhere in the middle of a college campus. I won't lie -- I was kind of hoping it would fly away with an undergraduate in its talons. It didn't.

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